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General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS) Webinar U.S. DOT Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS) and National RTAP

BTS and the National RTAP will discuss the General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS) and how it’s being leveraged to collect, compile, visualize, and publish transit, intercity bus, and intermodal passenger travel datasets. The workshop will clarify GTFS, its significance, and provide hands-on instruction on how to build GTFS compliant data using a free Microsoft Excel application.   The seminar will also provide an overview of GTFS based initiatives at the USDOT and explain how the transit, intercity bus, and intermodal passenger travel communities can contribute to these important projects.

July 12, 2018 2:00-3:00 PM ET Register
Updated Problem Passengers Training Overview National RTAP

During this webinar, National RTAP staff will walk through the components of the updated Problem Passengers: Managing Difficult Passengers and Situations training module and how to access and utilize the new version of this course. Note: this will not be a delivery of the training content.

July 18, 2018 2:00-3:00 PM ET Register

Recent Webinars

101 Webinar Series: Cost Allocation 101, 6/6/18

This webinar, with Todd Hansen of Texas A&M Transportation Institute (TTI) and Rich Garrity of RLS & Associates, will present an overview of cost allocation, why it’s important, and the various uses for cost allocation (e.g. NTD reporting, performance measurement, pricing of services). The presenters will walk through a cost allocation model and cover potential applications with utilization of the tools and techniques. Join us and learn how to make your financial reporting more accurate, efficient, and transparent.

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FTA Low-No Emissions Program: Grant Writing for Small and Rural Systems, 4/19/18

Tara Clark of FTA's Office of Program Management will introduce the Low-No competitive grant program, walk through the supplemental application, and answer your questions. In addition, we will bring three successful proposers to the table to tell you how they requested grants to start low or no emission programs at their systems.

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Moving from Demand Response to Deviated Fixed Route Service, 4/18/18

During this webinar, Julie Schafer of RLS and Associates discussed the process of evaluating a transit system for the implementation of a deviated fixed route service as well as best practices and FAQs. In addition, Angie Peters of Union County Public Transit presented about the deviated fixed route her agency runs in rural Oregon, and Frank Thomas of Oregon DOT discussed the state perspective.  

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Previous Webinars

National RTAP Webinars are available in our YouTube Channel. Click on the webinar link to view each description.

6/6/18 | 101 Webinar Series: Cost Allocation 101PowerPoint 
4/19/18 | FTA Low-No Emissions Program: Grant Writing for Small and Rural SystemsWebinar | PowerPoint 
4/18/18 | Moving from Demand Response to Deviated Fixed Route ServiceWebinar | PowerPoint 
1/19/18 | Drug & Alcohol Fitness-for-Duty Policies & Procedures for Public TransitWebinar | PowerPoint | Q&A 
1/12/18 | Hours of Service and Electronic Logging Devices Webinar | PowerPoint | Q&A 
12/12/17 | Understanding the Updated USDOT Drug & Alcohol Testing Regulation Webinar | PowerPoint
11/9/17 | ResourceShare Overview Webinar | PowerPoint
8/30/17 | 101 Webinar Series: Grant Writing Webinar | PowerPoint | Handouts 
7/20/17 | 101 Webinar Series: Procurement for Contracted Services Webinar | PowerPoint 
4/26/17 | 101 Webinar Series: Fire and Flood - Disaster Planning and Response Webinar | PowerPoint 
3/7/17 | Kids on Transit Webinar | PowerPoint 
2/16/17 | 101 Webinar Series: Introduction to TCRP Webinar | Handouts 
1/19/17 | 101 Webinar Series: Transit Asset Management Webinar | PowerPoint 
11/16/16 | 101 Webinar Series: Estimating Ridership of Rural Demand-Response Transit Webinar | PowerPoint
9/28/16 | 101 Webinar Series: Veteran's Highly Rural Transportation Grants Webinar | PowerPoint 
8/31/16 | National RTAP eLearning Webinar: Substance Abuse Awareness Training Overview Webinar | PowerPoint
8/17/16 | 101 Webinar Series: Connecting Users and Rides for Specialized Transportation Webinar | PowerPoint
8/11/16 | Website Builder Overview Webinar | PowerPoint
6/15/16 | 101 Webinar Series: Procurement Webinar | PowerPoint 
4/6/16 | National Aging and Disability Transportation Center Overview Webinar | PowerPoint 
3/7/16 | FTA Agency Safety Plans NPRM and Proposed National Safety Plan Webinar Webinar | PowerPoint 
1/19/16 | National RTAP Resources Overview with MTAP Webinar | PowerPoint
12/1/15 | 101 Webinar Series: FTA Bus Safety Program and SMS for Small Agencies Webinar | PowerPoint 
11/17/15 | National RTAP Marketing Toolkit Demonstration Webinar 
11/5/15 | National RTAP Marketing Toolkit Overview Webinar 
9/30/15 | 101 Webinar Series: FTA Intercity Bus Program Webinar | PowerPoint 
9/2/15 | National RTAP eLearning Overview Webinar Webinar 
7/29/15 | 101 Webinar Series: Title VI Requirements Webinar | PowerPoint | Q&A 
6/24/15 | Integrated National Transit Database (iNTD) Rural Module Webinar | PowerPoint 
5/28/15 | 101 Webinar Series: Rides to Wellness - Creating Healthy Communities Webinar | PowerPoint 
4/14/15 | GTFS Builder Webinar: Open Discussion with Local Agencies Webinar 
3/18/15 | 101 Webinar Series: Ethics in Transit Decision-Making Webinar | PowerPoint 
12/10/14 | 101 Webinar Series: ADA and Rural Transportation Webinar | PowerPoint | Q&A
9/16/14 | 101 Webinar Series: Drug and Alcohol Testing Webinar | PowerPoint Handouts
4/22/14 | State RTAP Manager's Toolkit and Forum Webinar | PowerPoint
11/20/13 | 101 Webinar Series: Charter Service and School Transportation | Webinar PowerPoint
9/25/13 | 101 Webinar Series: Social Media Webinar | PowerPoint 
6/27/13 | GTFS Builder Step 3 Workshop Webinar | PowerPoint 
6/26/13 | 2 the Point Training Introductory Webinar Webinar | PowerPoint 
6/20/13 | GTFS Builder Step 2 Workshop Webinar | PowerPoint 
6/13/13 | GTFS Builder Step 1 Workshop Webinar | PowerPoint 
2/23/12 | ProcurementPRO State & Local Portals Webinar 
8/16/11 | GTFS Builder Overview Webinar | PowerPoint 
7/22/11 | Customer Driven Service Webinar | PowerPoint 
3/17/11 | ProcurementPRO Demonstration Webinar 
2/17/11 | Emergency Procedures for Rural Transit Drivers Webinar | PowerPoint 
11/19/10 |John Martin Series: Make Business Part of Rural Transit's Business Webinar | PowerPoint 
9/9/10 | John Martin Series: Measure and Report Your Impact Webinar | PowerPoint 
6/17/10 | John Martin Series: Exceptional Customer Service Across Generations Webinar | PowerPoint 
4/15/10 | John Martin Series: Putting the Riders' Needs First Webinar | PowerPoint 
2/11/10 | John Martin Series: Dawning of a New Era in Community Transit Webinar | PowerPoint