Cost Allocation Calculator Dashboard

The Two-Variable Cost Allocation Calculator is an application that provides expense information for
National Transit Database (NTD) reporting and helps transit agencies understand the costs of different
services for managing federal and state grants, as well as pricing and planning for new services. The
application is scalable to your system and service characteristics, automatically assigns expenses to the
correct transit functions, and provides a good, sound, replicable model to allocate cost.

The application is available as an MS Excel or MS Access application. Both versions of the application
provide the same level of specificity for data inputs and produce output reports for individual
routes/services or groups of routes. We offer two versions to address your preference in software
applications, and you do not need Access installed to run the Access version. Download either version
to your hard drive using the links below. Please review the instruction manual for detailed step-by-step
information on using the applications.

If you have any questions, contact us at info@nationalrtap.org or 888-589-6821.
The Two-Variable Cost Allocation Calculator was developed for National RTAP by Texas A&M
Transportation Institute (TTI) and RLS&Associates.


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